India Adopting Cosmetic Approach To Solve Kashmir Issue: Geelani

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To commemorate 20th anniversary of Sopore martyrs, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) while paying rich tributes has called on people to observe complete shutdown on Jauary 6 in Sopore town.

Urging people to reaffirm their faith in freedom struggle, Geelani made an appeal to the religious heads and clerics to pray for the martyrs and stressed that, “Amnesty International should impress India to initiate inquiry in the incidents of massacres  perpetrated by Indian forces.”

Disapproving all short cut and patchwork solution to the Kashmir tangle,  Geelani said that the problem is related to 15 million people. “Rulers at Delhi are aware about the fact that people in Jammu & Kashmir have never accepted or accorded their supremacy and rule, nor they will withdraw their demand and freedom struggle at any cost.”

“The Indian authorities are denying the facts and overlooking the reality,” he added.

Geelani  while expressing his anguish and concern said that, “India is rendering its stubborn attitude and is committing excesses with its people,” adding that they are depriving off people from their  livelihood.

Advising India, Geelani said, “majority of Indian people are living below poverty line and are deprived off from basic amenities. Millions of people are reported to die due to starvation and malnutrition and instead of providing them food, clothing and shelter the authorities are exhausting their resources for the manufacture of missiles and deadly bombs.”

“Budget specified for defence  could have been utilized for the welfare and providing the jobs to unemployed if the authorities would have exhibited their willingness and sincerity  to resolve Kashmir problem.” he added.

Castigating the attitude of authorities in Delhi ,Geelani said that they lake foresight and are desperate enough  to solve the problem by adopting cosmetic approach and citing the Tashqand and Shimla Agreements.

“Through all these agreements ,no change was observed nor there was any let-up in political instability in Jammu and Kashmir,” said the ailing leader.

Referring to Indra Abdullah accord , Geelani said the political observers had attached an extra ordinary importance to it but it proved to be  of temporary nature and of   total failure, “Nobody had presumed  that people of Jammu and Kashmir will out rightly reject it and inspire a lease of life to freedom movement by presenting unparallel sacrifices,” Geelani said in his statement.

Geelani reiterated that the policy of Delhi has amassed the miseries of Jammu and Kashmir and affirmed that, “instead of all these hurdles the on-going movement will be taken to its logical end.”


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