India Fails to Compete Politically With Pro Freedom Laedership: Malik

KL Report


“Crack down on JKLF and other pro freedom parties, arrests, hose arrests curfews, restrictions, implementation of black laws and continued imprisonment of political leaders and workers is actually declaration of Indian government’s defeat in Kashmir,” this was stated by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front (JKLF) Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik.

Accusing government of resorting to unlawful and undemocratic means, Malik said, “this spree of arrests and other repressive measures has undoubtedly clarified that India and its allies in Kashmir Are unable to compete with pro freedom leaders and parties politically.”

Malik also condemned the police action against the leaders of JKLF and other separatist leaders.

“From the day of hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru, rulers have resorted to unilateral state terrorism of worst kind and a reign of terror especially against pro freedom camp has been unleashed by the so called democrats,” said Malik.

Malik while insisting on a pro active role of human rights groups and organization working on global level and also civil society in India to open their lips and raise their voice against this state oppression against people of Kashmir ,said that time has come when world has to differentiate  between truth and falsehood.




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