India fed us with poison from 1947: PDP lawmaker

Aakash Hassan


Javaid Mustafa Mir

Stating that India has fulfilled no promise with the people of Kashmir, PDP’s Chadoora lawmaker, Javaid Mustafa Mir Saturday said that poison has been fed to Kashmiris since 1947.”

“Kashmir was Hari Singh’s property and he joined hands with India due to certain circumstances,” he said, “Since then promises are being made with us.”

Stating that there has been betrayal with the people he said, “Show me one place where India has done justice with us, leave alone Insaniyat, Jamuriyat.”

“You are feeding us with poison since 47 and expect us to be alive,” he said.

Warning of grave consequences if the Kashmir dispute is not resolved he said, “A seed has been bowed by India and till justice is not done with us, situation will not improve.”

Stating that the monetary assistance was no solution to the situation he said, “If India spends whole country budget on Kashmir still there will be no solution.”

He said that the Government of India is playing with the people of the state.


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