India-Pakistan bonhomie key to peace in J&K: Dr Farooq Abdullah


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday reiterated the need of starting a result oriented and time-bound dialogue between India and Pakistan hoping that people of J&K will be the primary beneficiaries of the initiative.

Addressing a meet of party functionaries here at party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha, Srinagar Dr Farooq said, “Sher-e-Kashmir was of the opinion that the greater interaction between India and Pakistan will benefit the people of our state the most. Our party still deems Indo-Pak friendship essential to a peaceful sub-continent,” adding, “I impress upon the sane voices in both the countries to push their respective governments to initiate a result-oriented dialogue process for the greater good of the two nations. The bonhomie between the two nuclear-powered nations is the key to peace in J&K.”

Party President said that National Conference took upon itself to emancipate the people of the state from the abject poverty and shackles of feudal strife under the dynamic leadership of Sher e Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.

“The ideals of Sher-e-Kashmir will continue to guide us for all times to come. Our party has been replete with scarifies that we relentlessly lent for our people. We will continue to shoulder the mission of working for all the sections of society irrespective of region or religion in our state,” he said.

Dr Farooq while urging both India and Pakistan to respect 2003 ceasefire agreement and make borders peaceful said, “The continuous skirmishes between the two nations have wreaked havoc on the lives of numerous families living on either side of the divide. Yesterday the only number of innocent people including children got killed in cross border shelling on both sides of LoC in Poonch area. People are being forced to relocate to safer areas resulting in large scale migration.  Its time that both nations put an immediate end to such hostilities along LoC and IB areas, ” adding, “Peaceful ties between India and Pakistan will help the sub-continent achieve a multitude of development goals in all vital sectors.”

Dr Farooq while denouncing the option of war said, “Both soldiers and civilians suffer in the times of war. The consequences of war and conflict are beyond killings. I am hopeful that the state of affairs between both the countries is moving towards betterment with each passing day.”

“Besides it is incumbent upon world leaders to impress upon both India and Pakistan to stop hostilities and improve ties,” he added.


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