Indian Currency Stamped With Anti India Slogans

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If it is to be believed, Kashmir Grafiti, an anonymous group active in Jammu and Kashmir has stamped Indian currency notes with messages “Go India Go Back, Leave Kashmir, Quit Kashmir and Kashmir Banega Pakistan”. According to their statement posted on social networking site facebook, the group has, since last four months stamped Indian currency worth 30 crores.

The group has also come up with footage on youtube regarding the stamping of currency. It also runs its official facebook page “Kashmir Grafiti”.

“We know it is just a little effort but we believe it will go a long way in sending message to people of India what a common Kashmiri wants,” the group has posted on its wall.

The anonymous pro-freedom organization feels it is a novel way of expressing dissent against Indian occupation on Kashmir. “That is why we came with such a new idea. We are hereby adding another dimension to our struggle against Indian autocratic rule. Kashmiris have neither accepted Indian forcible occupation in the past nor will we ever do so,” read some lines on the post.

The post further read: “No matter how much death and persecution we will have to face, our brothers have laid down their lives for the cause. Some have taken this war to the cyber space and we also decided to spread the message using what they treat as their “God Money”.

According to the Clean Note Policy, Reserve Bank Of India had circulated an order vide circular DCM (NPD) No. 5133/09.39.000/2012-13 dated May 10, 2013  which states that inscription or scribbling on any part of the banknote would render it to be classified as unfit for reissue. Accordingly, such banknotes get treated as soiled banknotes and cannot be re-circulated.

While talking to Srinagar based news service gathering agency Global News Service (GNS), Head Corporate Communications, J&K Bank, Sajad Bazaz said the matter is to be verified by police and action must be taken in this regard. “So far the currency is concerned the stamped notes can’t be termed as invalid”.

When contacted Inspector General of Police (IGP), Abdul Gani Mir said: “These are fake identities and without internet protocol (IP) addresses.”

Various pro-freedom pages and accounts, in order to conceal their identity, are active on social networking sites without IP address.


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