Indian jails replication of infamous Guantanamo Bay, DeM reacts to thrashing of Tihar inmates


Expressing concern over the thrashing of Kashmiri prisoners in Tihar jail, Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Tuesday said that all the prisons outside Jammu and Kashmir have been turned into the “iniquitous Guantanamo Bay”.

Reacting to the beating of 18 prisoners including the son of United Jihad Council supremo Syed Salahuddin, Shahid Yousuf and others by police in the high security Tihar Jail, the secretary general of the outfit, Nahida Nasreen said that although Shahid does not have any case registered to his name, but he is being harassed and is under attack for he is the son of Salahuddin.

“Shahid does not have a single case registered to his name. However, his only sin is that he is a son of Syed Salahuddin,” Nasreen said.

She said that such heinous treatment is being given to Kashmiris to frighten them and to break their resolve.

“We want to remind these Hindu Brahmin forces of the occupier that we have given sacrifices in lacs for the pious cause. We will never succumb,” she said.

Nasreen said that the “occupying forces” are living in a fool’s paradise if they think “we will back off”. “We have burnt down such thoughts long ago,” she reiterated.

She said that the thrashing of inmates in Indian jail is not a new thing and has been happening for a long time with purpose. “It is being done under a well thought out conspiracy by the people with bigoted mindset,” she said.

Nasreen said that such tactics neither have ever mattered nor will matter to the people of Kashmir in future. “We should be ready for much worse and at the same time should reaffirm our resolve to fight the Brahmin occupiers till our last breath.”

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