‘India’s free trade policy responsible for the decrease in Horticulture export’


KL Report


With the government making tall claims of promoting Kashmir’s horticulture sector at large across India, the ground situation offers the contrary report- revealing a gradual decrease in its export since 2005.

According to the details received by KNS, there has been the decrease of more than 76.37 metric tones of horticulture produce when compared to the year 2005-06. in 2006 more than 5552.45 and at present the details revealed that instead of increasing the quantity of export, it has been decreased to 5476.08.

The details also maintained that there has been the continuous fluctuating trend over the years in the export of fruit outside the state.

The authorities stated that the reason for low growth in export of fruits outside the state is the introduction of market intervention scheme (MIS) under which ‘C’ grade apples are procured at a support price of rupees 6 per kilogram for processing into juice concentrates. Another reason for the low export quantity of the export of fruits from the state was give that India is also importing fruits from foreign countries as free trade policy which is in force at the country level.

According to the date available with KNS, 269.45 metric tones of almond were exported outside the state in the year 2005-06 but in 20011-12 the same was decreased to 65 metric tones. In kernal, 5077 metric tones of walnut was exported  in 2006 but the same was reduced to 4985.92 in the year 2013, hence registering the fall of 91.08 metric tones.


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