India’s G20 Sherpa Explores Pashmina Craftsmanship in Srinagar


SRINAGAR: Amitabh Kant, India’s G20 Sherpa, visited the Me and K Pashmina Centre in Srinagar to gain insight into the intricate processes behind pashmina production.

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This visit provided a unique opportunity to observe the meticulous techniques of pashmina spinning, weaving, and embroidery, essential to creating these luxurious textiles.

Kant interacted with the skilled artisans at Me and K, learning about their dedication and expertise in the craft. This engagement highlighted the traditional methods and the artisans’ commitment to maintaining high-quality pashmina products.

Accompanying Kant were Mehmood Shah, the Director of Handicrafts, and Vikram Jeet Singh, the Commissioner Secretary.

Their presence emphasised the importance of promoting and preserving the rich heritage of pashmina craftsmanship. The visit not only showcased the artistry involved in pashmina production but also underscored the significance of supporting local artisans and the handicraft industry.

Me and K is a Srinagar-based, family-run business founded by cousins Mujtaba Kadri and Rauf Shaw. They specialise in producing Kashmir shawls and scarves using the cashmere sustainably sourced from Changra goats in the Changthang region of the Himalayas.

As per their website, Me and K combines traditional hand spinning, weaving, and embroidery techniques with innovative designs.




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