Indo-Pak Thaw: Prepare to Take Bold Decisions To Safeguard Freedom Struggle, Shakeel Bakshi Tells Pro-Freedom Camp



Shakeel Bakshi.
Shakeel Bakshi.

Islamic Students League (ISL) patron Shakeel Bakshi Tuesday called upon the pro-freedom leadership to stay vigilant about ongoing talk process between Pakistan and India while advising them to be prepared for taking bold decisions aimed at safeguarding the interests of “freedom struggle.”

“They must make it clear that Pak-India relations are of secondary status when it comes to Kashmir dispute and that Kashmiris are the principle party to it,” the statement reads.

The patron maintained that Kashmiris have not authorized anyone to decide their fate nor would they allow solution thrust forcibly upon them.

“The people of Kashmir are capable to defeat the evil designs which are being manufactured through so called backdoor /track II diplomacy,” he said

The ISL leader said that numerous sacrifices that have been offered by the people of Jammu Kashmir since generations were not meant bolster trade, transit, tour and sports.

Bakshi also said that the present situation demanded that “we” must strengthen an indigenous resistance movement keeping in mind the principles of Islam, self-esteem and self-reliance.


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