Investigate assets of all politicians, bureaucrats: demands Er Rasheed


Reacting to allegations of corruption and nepotism against former PDP Ministers by their own colleagues and partners, AIP President and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Thursday said that neither the allegations are surprising nor should be seen something like a breaking news by the masses, but the million dollar question is why were these champions of morality and honesty silent till they were partners in every misdeed and corruption.

The spokesman in a statement said that the nexus between politicians and bureaucrats to create huge disproportionate assets is as old as the history of the system itself and it makes no difference who rules the state. How can those who were allies and part of Mehbooba’s government till the last second cry innocence when they were themselves involved in backdoor entries, creating extra-constitutional posts and enjoying the status of ministers without being members of any house.

Rasheed reminded the MLA’s and Ministers that in the last budget session of State Assembly he had written an application to Speaker Kavinder Gupta and Accountability Commission asking both to investigate his assets, but while speaker didn’t pay any heed to the application, state accountability commission rejected the plea citing the reason that it was not the domain of the commission.

“If everybody talks against corruption then why don’t all political parties ask for constituting a powerful independent commission that should investigate the known and unknown assets and properties of all bureaucrats, MLAs, and Ex-MLAs,” Spokesman quoted Er Rasheed as saying.

Rasheed asked Nayeem Akhter and others to come clean on serious charges leveled against them and reiterated his demand that government must set up a high power commission that should investigate all properties and assets of bureaucrats and politicians from Tehsildar to Chief Secretary and MLA to Chief Minister.  “Majority of the politicians and bureaucrats have looted the state and an honest probe will send almost all the top rank serving and retired bureaucrats and MLAs and Ex-MLAs to jail,” Rasheed said.

He challenged Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah to join hands with each other at least over the issue of verifying the huge disproportionate assets but added that when it comes to their own skin the politicians and bureaucrats automatically develop a silent invisible understanding.


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