ISIS is a terrorist organization, says Lashkar-e-Toiba


LeT chief Mehmood Shah has said that they have nothing to do with ISIS.

“The allegation is completely baseless. In Jammu and Kashmir, ISIS is a part of RAW’s plot to sabotage the freedom movement. ISIS is a terrorist organization founded and funded by India, America and Israel to disintegrate and kill Muslims in the world.”

He further added that the ISIS flags in Jammu and Kashmir are waived by the agents of Indian agencies. “And those who are raising the flag have latest weapons given to them by RAW. Deputy Director is supervising all this.”

“We request the parents to keep themselves and their children aloof from this brand of RAW. ISIS is an anti Islamic terrorist organization,” Shah said in a statement to CNS.

He said, “We are very close to freedom. India is facing humiliation in international forums. All this is due to the tireless efforts, great sacrifices and the blood of our brave sons, children, mothers, sisters and elders.

These are the latest tactics of occupational forces and the Indian government to sabotage the freedom movement. But we are very well aware of all this and India will not be able to achieve anything out of it,” he said. (CNS)


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