Islamabad’s No Confidence Virus Reaches Muzaffarabad, PTI Goes Against Its Own Leader

SRINAGAR: The no-confidence motion that dominated Pakistan for most of the last week has finally reached Muzaffarabad where, interestingly, Imran Khan’s PTI lawmakers have moved a motion against their own leader Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi.

Sardar Abdul Qayoom Niazi

The motion was moved by 25 PTI members in Muzaffarabad’s house. The reason they have cited is Prime Minister Niazi’s “failure to implement [the] party’s manifesto and ensure good governance”.

The movers have mentioned Sardar Tanveer Ilyas as Niaz’s successor.

In Muzaffarabad’s 53-member House, PTI has 32 seats. Pakistani media reported that the move has Khan’s blessings and the move was aimed at pre-empting a move by the 19-member opposition. Any party having 27 votes will rule the Pakistan administrated Kashmir (PaK). The opposition benches have 12 lawmakers from PPP and seven from PML-N. This is perhaps the first house of Muzaffarabad in which the local political parties do not exist.

In the last week, a no confidence motion by the joint opposition led to the ouster of Imran Khan as Prime Minister only to be succeeded by Shahbaz Sharif.


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