Issuing domicile certificates to WPRs: PDP playing major role, says Shabir Shah

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Shabir Ahmad Shah (KL Image- Bilal Bahadur)

The chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Tuesday termed the government’s move of issuing the domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees (WPR) as a “well-planned conspiracy against the Muslim majority status” of Jammu Kashmir saying the PDP by playing a major role in this regard has exposed its “anti-Kashmir” stance.

In a statement issued here, Shah while terming the issuing of domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees (WPR) as unacceptable said the people of the state will resist such move tooth and nail.

“This is a well-planned conspiracy of Saffron brigade and PDP. The Mufti-led government is so obsessed with power that it doesn’t consider even its own consequences,” he said.

“We’re not against the rehabilitation of WPRs but these migrants need to be settled as per the formula of partition of India. These refugees should be settled in any part of India not in the Jammu and Kashmir which is a disputed territory awaiting political resolution. The BJP and its state collaborators are hell bent on creating situation in their favour before the referendum takes place in the state,” he said.

Shah said those who migrated to Pakistan during partition are the permanent residents of the state while as those who migrated from various states of Pakistan are not permanent residents. “Settling these refugees here would be a clear violation of the UN security resolutions,” he said.

Commenting on the 1947 genocide of Muslim in Jammu, Shah said, “Under a well-planned strategy, about 6 lac Muslims were massacred and their properties were usurped by these refugees. We don’t consider the WPRs as permanent citizens of the state, however, until they are rehabilitated in other parts of India they can live as refugees. Also, they should return their properties to their Muslim owners.”

Shah asked the state administration to “listen to your conscience, stand up for the people of Jammu Kashmir, and resist the Saffron conspiracies aimed at eroding the special status of the State”.

He asked the chief minister to “ponder thoroughly” over the issue.


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