‘Issuing State Subjects At School Level Threat to Majority Identity’

KL Report


Announcing a strong resistance against the government decision of issuing State Subject Certificates at the school level, and keeping land for separate clusters for migrant pandits, National Front Chairman, and Hurriyat (JK) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Wednesday said that the decision is an open threat to the identity of the majority community of Jammu and Kashmir.

“All the resistance and religious leadership will sit with the civil society and decide about a united resistance against the anti-Muslim and anti movement decision of the so called government which is working on the behest of Hindu fanatics on Zionistic agenda,” Khan said while addressing senior party workers at the party head office.

He added that majority community of the state will not tolerate the decision of issuing the State Subject Certificates at school level because it is aimed at giving citizenship to the West Pakistani refugees and to damage the Muslim majority character of the state.

“The decision will be opposed tooth and nail because exceptional identity is dearer to Kashmiri people more than anything,” he said.

Lashing out at PDP-BJP government’s anti-Muslim ideologies, Khan said that the decision is an attempt to damage the Muslim majority character of the state and integrate it with India taking education route.

He asked PDP to explain its stand about the decision of issuing the State Subject Certificate at the school level.

“We want to know the details of the government decision because it is sure to harm our demography, culture, civilization, ideology and above all the religious character,” Khan said.

“The so called government should come clear about the issue before we take a final call against it taking everybody on board.”

Khan said that Mufti Sayeed is working on the behest of the Hindu fanatics like RSS, Shiv Sena and VHP to protect his chair.

“Mufti and company should know that Kashmiris will not allow them to damage their majority character and every decision in this regard will be resisted come what may,” he said.


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