Jagmohan, not militants main reason for the pandit exodus: NC

KL Report


Pitching for establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission to probe the reasons behind the exodus of pandits from valley, national conference on Saturday said the former Governor Jagmohan and not the militancy was the major reason for pandit exodus.

Talking to KNS, additional general secretary NC Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said there are some vested interests in migrant pandits which are trying to exploit the sentiments of their community. “These elements have always tried to paint Kashmir with the communal brush and to defame Muslims of Kashmir. At present also, the issue is being staged so that Musims of Kashmir who are otherwise known in the world for upholding the principles of communal harmony, could be defamed and labelled as communal. The issue is being created to embarrass the Muslims of Kashmir,” Kamal said.

He maintained further that a major chunk of the migrant pandits do not want to return to valley as they are settled well in various parts of the world. “Have you asked Pandits that do they really want to return to Kashmir?. The issue is being given hype with a sole objective to defame Muslims.”

Kamal, who is NC patron Dr Farooq’s younger brother said when Farooq Abdullah was the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir after 1996, an amount of 300 crore was sanctioned by the GOI for the rehabilitation of migrant pandits.

“8 lakh had to be given to each family to rebuilt the house and 20 lakh for establishing a business unit but none turned up. The funds got lapsed as pandits were not interested in returning to valley,” Kamal recalled.

He maintained that it has now become an established fact that the former JK governor Jagmohan Malhotra played a vital role in exodus of pandits from valley. “Mani Shankar Aiyar has in open revealed that Jagmohan was the man behind the exodus of pandits from valley. It was all engineered and we want to have a truth and reconciliation commission so that the faces who were behind such a tyranny could be unmasked,” said Kamal.


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