Jamaat expresses dismay over Kashmir killings



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The government forces have crossed all limits of killing people in South Kashmir and seem have decided to crush the genuine voice of the people by use of its military might.

The spokesman said innocent protesters have been subjected to indiscriminate firing thereby killing four innocent youth and injuring seriously dozens others who are lying in various hospitals in critical conditions. India is following the same policy for crushing the people’s movement which Israel has been employing against the Palestinian people since 1948.

In Kangan area of Ganderbal district, these government forces have applied a force upon the innocent civilians protesting against the government and thereby killed two more innocent youth besides critically injuring a number of them.

The spokesman added that it has become the state policy to kill Kashmiri innocent people, destroy their property, and demolish their buildings and damages with the vicious purpose of forcibly subjecting them to subjugation. But the Kashmiri people have time and again proved it beyond any iota of doubt that they would accept the colonial rule which has been thrust upon them against their wishes and aspirations and are determined to get their birthright of self-determination at any cost.

Jamaat Islami J and K while vehemently condemning the policy of government adopted against Kashmiris, appeals the United Nations Organisation and Organisation of Islamic Countries besides all other international and Indian human rights institutions to come forward and get the state-sponsored atrocities against the innocent people of Kashmir stopped and support their genuine cause and struggle.


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