J&K Bank eases instant debit card procedure


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Corporate Office of J&K Bank. Pic: Bilal Bahadur

Corporate Office of J&K Bank. Pic: Bilal Bahadur

Doing away with branch dependent application of debit cards, J&K Bank Tuesday announced issuance of Instant Debit card facility to all its customers which can be availed at any of its business units across India.

According to bank spokesman, the bank’s customers can get Instant Debit card over the counter at any business unit (branch) irrespective of the fact where he/she is maintaining his/her account.

“Making it convenient for its customers to get their blocked cards released irrespective of their location, the Bank has also enabled all its business units to release blocked PIN’s of customers,” he said.

In addition to customers at large, the decision will provide a breather for all out-of-station customers of the Bank.

“Now, they can go to any business unit of the bank in rest of the country and get an Instant Debit card in a hassle free manner,” he added.

To avail the facility, the customers are required to submit an application form along with self-attested photocopy of a valid ID proof.



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