JK Bank Pockets Rs 504 Cr Net Profit, Interest Income Down


SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Bank has improved its gains as it reported Rs 504.44 crore net profit after paying a tax of Rs 242 crore for the fiscal 2021-22 ending March. It is substantially better than Rs 434.8 crore that it pocked in last fiscal, details conveyed by the bank to the NSE suggest.

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Bank’s total income was at Rs 8803.39 crore which included Rs 8012.98 crore of interest earning and Rs 790.41 crore of other income. Bank’s interest income in fiscal 2020-21 was Rs 8111.09 crore, marginally motre than the last year.

For the fiscal ending March 31, 2022, the bank’s overall expenditure was Rs 7429.99 crire, which included 3326.65 crore on operating costs and the rest on interest outgo.

Interestingly, the bank’s income was slightly less than Rs 8812.58 crore, which it reported in 2020-21 showing sort of stagnation in Jammu and Kashmir market. Its improved profits came from less demand for provisioning. Against Rs 1023.15 crore provisioning for NPAs in 2020-21, the bank did not require more than Rs 253.36 crore for the same in fiscal 2021-22. This savings helped the bank to spend slightly more on its human resource. Against an outgo of Rs 2062 crore in 2020-21 to manage its human resource, its employee costs reached 2405 crore. On year on year basis while the bank’s interest earning remained almost the same, the interest outgo showed a saving of around Rs 238 crore.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Bank spokesman in a statement said that J&K Bank today registered an annual net profit of Rs 501.56 Cr for the Financial Year 2021-22 witnessing 16% YoY growth when compared to Rs 432.12 Cr recorded last financial year, while delivering net profit of Rs 112.20 Cr for Q4 of the current financial year.

The bank declared its annual and Q4 results today after the Bank’s Board of Directors approved the numbers in a meeting held here at the bank’s Corporate Headquarters, said the spokesman.

He said that while funding its liabilities including non-financial ones on voluntary basis by making one-time provisioning, J&K Bank today delivered net profit of Rs 501.56 Cr for the Financial Year 2021-22 and registered Rs 112.20 Cr as net profit for January-March quarter of the FY 2021-22.

During the fourth quarter, the Bank’s other income rose 10% YoY to Rs 196.45 Cr while as the total income increased by 7% to Rs 1171.95 Cr, he added.

With Cost of Deposits improving from 4.10% to 3.65% on YoY basis, the Bank’s NIM was recorded at 3.50% for the year ended March 2022. CD and CASA Ratios stood at 61.37% and 56.56% respectively for the reviewed financial year, said JK Bank spokesman in a statement.

The Bank’s gross and net NPA as percentages to gross and net advances improved considerably to 8.67 % and 2.49 % respectively when compared to 9.67% and 2.95 %, recorded last year, he said.

NPA Coverage Ratio of the Bank witnessed marked improvement to 84.26% when compared to 81.97% a year ago, he added.

After raising over Rs 1100 Cr as capital during the FY 2021-22, the Bank’s Capital Adequacy Ratio witnessed marked improvement from 12.20% to 13.23% thus ensuring availability of growth capital in addition to maintaining the regulatory requirements.

Posting growth of over 5% in its business, the Bank’s deposits have increased by 6% to Rs 114710.38 Cr while as the Advances have grown to Rs 70400.68 Cr. In J&K, the deposits have witnessed 7% increase while as the advances have grown by 10%.

According to the spokesman, commenting on the annual financial results, Bank’s MD & CEO Baldev Prakash said, “Well, numbers do tell their own story and the story is that after long we have surely strengthened and stabilized as a financial institution. We have left the worst far behind us as it’s after seven long years, the Bank has consolidated its balance sheet and clocked over Rs 500 Cr as annual profits. Our YoY and QoQ growth in business is consistent and provides the Bank requisite drive to grow and leap ahead with more strength and confidence.”

“Preferring stability and consolidation of balance-sheet over profits, the Q4 numbers express our resolve to strengthen balance-sheet while making sustained profits, as we have provided for our liabilities besides making voluntary provisioning for some non-financial obligations that were not mandated and could be met over a period of next five years as per the board approvals. This has been done consciously to provide ourselves enough head-room for delivering better returns to our investors while going forward,” MD was quoted as saying in a statement.

Regarding the strategy for achieving Bank’s business goals, he said, “For achieving our growth objectives, a comprehensive strategy review has been completed. As last leg of the reviewing process we organised a maiden but very fruitful Strategy Conclave in Srinagar last week that helped us to conclude the most enriching and exhaustive business strategy review of the Bank and delineate the future course of action by taking the all concerned stakeholders on board.”

He further said, “Although growth in J&K has generally been around 10% both for Deposits as well as advances even during the crisis situations but the green shoots of shift in stance in our Rest of India (ROI) business strategy have begun appearing with QoQ growth of 6% in our ROI loan book, which has happened after witnessing de-growth during last few consecutive years.”

Summing up his future view of the Bank’s position and performance, MD & CEO said, “With record tourist-inflow this year, Governmental emphasis on increased infra-structure spend and investment climate obtaining favorably in our core geography of J&K and Ladakh, we can see the promising scenario emerging for us as premier financial institution of the region that is expected to grow ahead and gain further significance in short as well as long-term.”


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