J&K JCCI urges digital connectivity between Indo-Pak traders


A meeting was held by the Executive Committee Members from the Kashmir region under the chairmanship of President, Jammu & Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JKJCCI) Javid Ahmad Tenga on Wednesday.

The spokesman said the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the three Chambers ( Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Jammu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Chamber of Commerce) was discussed and noted.

As a part of a memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Hilal Ahmad Turkey President Loc Salamabad was elected as one of the Vice President of JKJCCI.

The President Javid Ahmad Tenga shared the vision of JKJCCI for“ Free Travel & Trade regime between all parts of Jammu & Kashmir” “ Travel & Trade as a tool for peace between India & Pakistan” “ Trade & Travel as a tool to move forward on peace”.

The President also apprised about the goals to be achieved in 2018 which includes having a Joint Kashmir Expo in the UK in Summer 2018 and to the USA in  2019, a joint business delegation to Turkey in 2018.

The President also informed that the AJK Chamber will follow their side with the respective government connection with CPEC.  President apprised the member’s steps to be taken for digital connectivity of three regions and to create awareness of Joint Chamber and vision through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and also use technology for having a meeting of Executive Committee Members of the three regions through Skype or other means.

During the meeting, It was also decided that an effort will be made to have the first meeting of whole Executive Committee of the three regions or two regions at a time at  Zero Point in Salamabad/ Poonch, Rawalkote.

The Joint Chamber will follow up with the concerned government of both the sides of LOC for the first visit from our part to AJK for which necessary invitation has been received and the process has already started.

The President also appraised the medium term goals which include the establishment of physical office secretariat on both sides on the pattern of SAARC Chamber. Besides the long-term goal to develop J&K as Free Economic Zone as well as Travel Free Zone. The members were apprised and who concurred with the short term as well as medium and long-term goals of JKJCCI as enumerated by the President.


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