JK Students Association Writes To UP CM To Revoke FIR Against Three Kashmiri Students


SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Students Association on Wednesday wrote to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to drop FIR against three Kashmiri students and revoke their suspension.

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In a Statement, National Spokesperson of Association Nasir Khuehami said that three Kashmiri students pursuing civil Engineering in Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Agra, Uttar Pradesh have been suspended by college authorities for uploading status in favour of Pakistan after India Pakistan match. All three students have been booked under FIR by police station Jagdish Agra, after complaint was lodged against them for sharing posts related to it on social media.

He said that, there is nothing wrong in cheering and yelling for any team. It is the right of an individual to cheer for the sports team or player he/she likes the most and the arbitrary action of the College authorities and of the police against the Kashmiri students is totally unwarranted. But if they wrote any provocative thing on social media which hurted sentiments of people, that is wrong and unjustified. They should have enjoyed the match with the true spirit of a sportsman.

He however said that, FIR is very harsh punishment for the act they did and it will ruin their futures and will further alienate them. It will result in their career assassination. The charges will have serious consequences on academic and future career of the students. It may have serious repercussions, serious psyco-somatic consequences on the students both in the long term and short term.

Khuehami said that, nodoubt that their act has hurt the sentiment of people, but we need to have enough space in the system to bring them to the table and have counselling. Slapping them FIR will put their career and whole parents resources at stake. Govt should give Chance to the Students to restore their faith in the ethical standing and the fair constitution of India, so that their futures are preserved. No doubt they erred but we hope that they will be given a chance to return to studies and future of them not destroyed in larger interest of the country.

He Requested Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to personally look into the matter on humanitarian grounds and take immediate steps to revoke FIR against them, so that their future are preserved.


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