JKCA Ruins Cricket, Kills Talent, Allege Cricketers



A KL File Image.
A KL File Image.

Following the poor show in every cricket tournament this season, the Jammu and Kashmir cricket team has come under severe criticism from various quarters who blame Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association for ‘mess’ and claim that Association had been promoting players of their choice gratifying their friends and relatives.

Majority of the former cricket players who were seconded by even those playing at present alleged that selection has never been fair in JKCA. “Usually they pick up those cricketers who enjoy the patronage of either top officials or politicians. The outcome will always be dismal and devastating when cricketers are selected on the basis of politics and not on the basis of talent,” said a former cricketer.

“I was selected in the team for my excellent performance at State Level Championships but was not given a single chance to represent the state in Ranji trophy and the Vijay Hazare trophy. I am witness to every wrong doing of selectors who pick up players after consulting their bosses sitting in cozy rooms. JKCA officials have damaged the cricket here and they are responsible for killing and discouraging the talent,” a current cricketer who wished not to be named told CNS.

“There is no selection committee and no rules are being followed in the selection of players. Those accompanying the team had no cricketing background. There are some players who fail to impress anyone and did nothing all the season and yet they were made part of the team,” another former cricketer said adding that internal bickering and mixing of politics have ruined the future of cricket in the state.

An official who was part of the team throughout the Ranji and Vijay Hazare trophy season revealed that it was a “politically motivated decision” to replace Parvez Rasool as captain of the team. “Please don’t reveal my name, what I am telling you is all true. There are people in the Association whose sole objective is to mint money and they least bother about talent and cricket,” he said.

Chairperson JKCA Mehboob Iqbal while commenting on the dismal performance of the Jammu Kashmir Cricket Team said most of the players suffered injuries while playing against different teams. “Our players were not fit. We lacked spinners and in whole State we were not able to find a good wicketkeeper.”

He said that the team selected for the season was “the best possible team” but due to injuries outcome was disastrous.

Mehboob termed the allegations “baseless” that the replacement of Parvez Rasool as captain was a politically motivated decision. “Mithun Manhas was made skipped to boost his morale. Parvez is talented and captaincy does matter for him,” he said and added that player responsible for using harsh words against Manager of team was ousted from the team.


  1. How is the team selected. It is totaly a mess. Players who performed last season and made it to semifinal were dropped and new inexperienced players were picked up.


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