JKCC to boycott annual pre Budget meeting with finance department


The Jammu and Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC), an amalgam of trade, commerce, industry, tourism and others, has resolved to boycott the annual pre-budget meeting with the officials of finance department headed by the Finance Minister.

A resolution to this effect was adopted by the JKCC in a meeting held on Friday to deliberate upon the letters of invitation received by various constituent organizations for attending the said meeting scheduled for 23rd December onwards.

“All the constituent organizations of JKCC have decided to abstain from participating in these meetings which have been rendered to mere rituals and have done more damage to the economy than any good,” the spokesman said in a statement.

JKCC blames “the present Finance Minister for all the mess in the economy of J&K which is on the verge of near collapse.”

“Expecting any positives from the person, responsible for surrendering the fiscal autonomy of J&K through GST regime besides bringing harsh Acts like SARFAESI etc, would be utter foolishness on the part of the trading fraternity,” he further said.

“However, JKCC is not with a closed mind and is not averse to meeting and explaining to the state chief minister of the mess and damage inflicted upon the economy by lopsided, unwise and deceitful decisions and policies,” he added.


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