JKDFP expresses shock over south Kashmir killings


Expressing deep shock and grief over the fresh killings and maiming by the hands of government forces in Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Sunday warned that if the situation was left unaddressed it can prove disastrous as nobody can control it then.

JKDFP Secretary-General, Moulana Mohammad Abdullah Tari in a statement said that hearts of every Kashmiri are bleeding as our youth are being continuously killed on one pretext or the other. He expressed shock over the martyrdom of brave hearts in Draged and Kachdora areas of Shopian. He also strongly condemned the killing of an unarmed youth and injuring of dozens at the hands of the men in uniform.

“If the Kashmir situation is not addressed properly it has every potential to go out of control of everybody,” Moulana Tari said adding if the killing spree does not end immediately the circumstances can go anybody’s beyond control.

One wonders how the situation can improve in Kashmir, JKDFP added, on one hand, genuine leaders like Shabir Ahmad Shah are continuously behind bars facing fabricated charges and on the other claims are being made that dialogue process has been initiated in Kashmir.

Unless and until leaders like Shabir Shah are allowed to reach the people, there can be no change on the ground because leaders like Shabir Shah have the mandate of the people of all religions, regions and sects, said a spokesman.

Moulana Tari said that addressing Kashmir issue politically is need of the hour so that the ongoing killing spree is stopped. He added that releasing leaders like Shabir Shah is a requirement of every political process.

Paying rich and glowing tributes to those martyred in Shopian and Islamabad districts, Moulana Tari said that youth are rendering matchless sacrifices to achieve the goal of freedom and it is the foremost duty of every citizen of the disputed region to secure the great sacrifices by advocating a meaningful political process.

Moulana Tari said that rising graph of killings and other human rights violations in Kashmir should serve as an eye-opener for the world human rights bodies. He impressed upon the world community to look into the serious issue.


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