JKLF Calls For 1 Hour Protest on Friday, March 1


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Appealing people to protest against the hanging of Afzal Guru and for return of the dead bodies of Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Afzal Guru, acting Chairman advocate  Bashir Ahmad Butt has called for one hour protest on Friday, March 1.

“We will together protest for one hour after the Friday prayers for the purpose,” Bashir said, but he was quick to add that,” though our protest continues constantly but on Friday we will with one voice lodge our protest in this regard.”

Reiterating that people would continue their protests against the illegal hanging of Guru, Bashir said that, “our protest against the tyrant approach of Indians and refusal in handing over the dead bodies of martyr Mohammad Maqbool Butt and martyr Mohammad Afzal Guru will also continue.”

Thanking people of Kashmir especially of those areas which were not under curfew for observing complete shut down today, Bashir  said that this shows the love and sympathy of the people of Jammu Kashmir with their martyrs and pro freedom people.

While criticizing the pro India politicians who  are issuing statements in Mohammad Afzal Guru’s matter and trying to advice pro freedom leaders and parties in this regard, Bashir said that these politicians who enjoy assembly membership and power by acting as puppets of India in the state of Jammu Kashmir have no right to preach morality.

“These people are directly involved in the judicial murder of our youth especially Mohammad Afzal Guru,” he said.
Bashir said that even today a person has issued a statement and accused the pro freedom camp on Afzal issue. “How come this man whose elder brother signed the black warrant of martyr Mohammad Maqbool Butt and nephew for the lust of power facilitated the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru talk’s morality?”

“These people must know that if British premier can make an apology to Indians after hundreds of years, their master India will also have to leave Jammu Kashmir and pay for the crimes and sins committed against Kashmiri’s,” he added.


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