JKLF Chief says, ‘Pakistan PM’s Proposals at UN Positive, Reasonable’



Yasin MalikCommenting upon the proposals of Pakistani premier Mian Nawaz Sharief for establishment of lasting peace and prosperity at UN General Assembly, JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik Thursday said that proposals like withdrawal of forces from Jammu Kashmir, resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue for peace and prosperity, accepting Kashmiris as prime party to the dispute etc. are positive and reasonable.

In a party statement, Yasin said, “Kashmir issue is a humanitarian issue that has at one hand consumed three generations of Kashmiris and on other hand is constantly putting people of India and Pakistan in a continuous conflict, anarchy, division and clash and hence has jeopardized their prosperity and welfare as well.”

“Kashmir is a land that has the largest concentration of military and forces and which is facing a continuous threat of war and clashes and there will be nothing big and good than demilitarizing this land,” Malik said.

Malik added, “people of Jammu Kashmir are the owners of Kashmir and prime party to the dispute on Jammu Kashmir and no solution can be found by ignoring them or pushing them to the wall. He said that for a peaceful and prosper sub-continent, India and Pakistan will have to make every effort for a  resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue and for that inclusion of Kashmiris in the dialogue process and finding a solution that is in accordance to the sacrifices, aspirations and wishes of Kashmiris is necessary.”

The statement further said, “Malik hoped that the positive proposals of Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharief will be reciprocated by the other side and will take positive steps for establishment of real peace and prosperity.”

Meanwhile, JKLF chief Yasin Malik paid rich tribute to slain Bilal Ahmad Beigh (Babloo), “Babloo was martyred by Indian forces in custody in year 1999,” the statement said. “His sacrifices and struggle can never be forgotten and we all today remember him with wet eyes and pray for his heavenly abode.”


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