JKLF stages candlelight vigil against ‘killing spree’


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) activists on Sunday evening held a candlelight protest against the “killing spree” across Kashmir.

JKLF stages a candlelight vigil in Srinagar on November 25, 2018, against killings. Kl Image by Bilal Bahadur

The JKLF spokesman in a statement said that various leaders and activists along with people from all walks of life today staged two candlelight protest rallies at Koker Bazar and Maisuma Lal Chowk against ongoing “bloodbath” in Kashmir especially from last three days at Bijbihara, Shopian, and Pampore.

“Raising slogans against killings and criminal silence of international community on it, JKLF leaders and activists along with people paid homage to “martyred” Kashmiris.

“Addressing these protests, JKLF leaders said that fascist mindset has crossed every limit of tyranny and oppression in Kashmir and the way international community is sitting as a mute spectator on it is criminal and most disgusting,” the spokesman said.

JKLF leaders in a statement said that forces are enjoying a complete immunity and have been ordered to kill Kashmiris at will by their so-called political masters and hence these barbaric forces are spilling the blood of Kashmiris without any repentance.

While paying rich tributes to slain militants and a civilian in Shopian, Bijbehara, Pampora during last three days.

JKLF leaders said that Kashmir has been turned into a slaughterhouse where forces are free to kill, maim, torture, vandalize, harass common people in order to put Kashmiris into submission.

JKLF leaders said that Delhi and its stooges deployed in Jammu Kashmir are daydreaming of defeating a peoples revolution and resistance by military means but they fail to realize that “tyranny” only strengthen the valor and passion of suppressed people and that their tyrannical acts and behavior will taste a defeat in the end.

“How can forces justify hitting a 12-month-old child with pellets,” asked JKLF.

On Saturday, JRL had called for candlelight protests against the killings in Kashmir.



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