JKSSB ‘Mass’ Copying: Aspirants Register Online Petition for Re-Examination



JKSSB Petition

The aspirants of JKSSB Monday sought re-examination of the papers that was held on 25th of December.

In an online petition on change.org the aspirants have requested the Minister of Higher Education, Naeem Akhtar to take notice of the “mass” copying that was also reported in the local media.

“At some of the centers, even 3 candidates were sitting on the same table, and just imagine and dare to question the quality and fairness of the said examination,” the petition reads.

“People are playing with the careers of thousands of applicants throughout the valley. At some instances, the invigilators were not able to stop the troublemakers due to their influence in their respective home towns,” the petition further reads.

Addressing Akhtar, the petition adds, “we request your good self to please take a note and cancel the examination that was held on 25th of the December, 2015; at least for upholding the sanctity of the holy institutions of the state.”


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