JKYF holds 2 Day State Level Workshop on Social Services


The guest speakers at JKYF’s two-day state-level volunteers’ workshop at BAITUL HILAL, Chawalgam in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district laid emphasis on basic understanding of issues and challenges confronting underprivileged, poor, resourceless and disadvantaged sections of people. The speakers described humility, sincerity, selflessness, character, missionary zeal and zest as inalienable elements of social service volunteerism.

JKYF holds 2 Day State Level Workshop on Social Services

The two-day volunteers’ workshop was part of JKYF’s continuing efforts to sensitize the volunteers on the ground about various issues & challenges related to voluntary social service.

Addressing about 150 senior volunteers from across Kashmir and Jammu regions, Senior Journalist and former North India BBC Correspondent Altaf Hussain appreciated the sincerity of volunteers and urged them to be proactive in identifying and reaching out to needy and deserving people in their respective areas.

Narrating an instance of a patient supported through crowdfunding, Hussain urged for discouraging the crowdfunding through social media networking sites. He enjoined upon JKYF management to work steadily on the rehabilitation of orphans, widows and destitute under Self Reliant Mechanism while guiding beneficiaries to work hard and uphold their self-respect. This, he said, would educate these people to live honourable and dignified life while simultaneously becoming future contributors for the society.

Hussain urged JKYF to come up with small docudrama films to portray the ground realities about the plight of poor & needy orphans, widows and destitute sections of our Society.

Appreciating the voluntary work of JKYF volunteers, Islamic scholar and preacher Moulana Showkat Shaheen in his speech advised volunteers to simultaneously take care of the rights and duties towards their parents, wives and children without any fail. He referred to the great words of Ummul Moomineen (Mother of Faithful) Hazrat Khadeeja (RA) when She was consoling Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by telling Him He was doing great humanitarian work & being truthful, while experiencing unimaginable physical & mental condition at the time of revelation of first Holy Quranic Verse revealed by Allah (SWT).

Shaheen referred to ‘HALF-FUL-FUZOOL’ (Group Pledging Allegiance to Humanitarian Work) saying that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was actively participating in social and humanitarian work with utmost dedication, commitment, zeal and continuity before being conferred with Prophethood by Allah (SWT).

Speaking on the world humanitarian activities undertaken by international voluntary organizations, Sr volunteer Javaid Jawad said that social service is in itself a natural inalienable ingredient of human nature. This, he said, was the sole reason to have people from all faiths and religions participating actively in the social service cause. However, Jawad emphasized that Islam as a religion has categorized social service as a part of worship to Allah. He added that Islam teaches to create the balanced personality of a volunteer so that the humanitarian work is undertaken in the interest of humanity irrespective of any prejudice.

Chairman JKYF/PAC Member Mohammad Ahsan Rather in his address urged volunteers to emulate the work undertaken by the great social workers in Islam and take forward the noble cause with missionary zeal and zest.

Describing appeasement and sycophancy as vitriolic in any Organization or institution, Chairman urged volunteers to adopt a balanced and rational approach and accordingly contribute for the great humanitarian cause.

Islamic preacher Nisar ul Haq Nadvi while quoting ‘Birr’ verse from Holy Qur’an said that after owing allegiance to Islam, the social service has been categorized as one among important teachings of Islam. He urged volunteers to extend helping hand to both relatives, friends and other needy and destitute.

Senior volunteer & former JKYF chairman Mohammad Rafiq Lone talked about the origin and history of the establishment of J&K Yateem Foundation in 2000. He said the way JKYF is being accepted at peoples’ level in itself shows the importance of Foundation on the basis of the great cause. Mr Lone said that social service is the common cause and there is a need to strengthen the same while working irrespective of caste, colour, religion or any other prejudice.

General Secretary/PAC Member JKYF Dr Tariq Malik gave an overview of the Organizational activities, programmes and future targets vis a vis JKYF’s welfare & rehabilitation programmes.

District Head Volunteers of various districts in both Kashmir and Jammu regions, shared their experiences, activities and achievements in terms of donor line and beneficiaries besides they put forth their suggestions for further improvement in the working of JKYF.

Earlier, Baitul Hilal scholars from Srinagar and Kulgam presented some verses from Holy Qur’an and recited ‘Naat’ (Praises for Prophet Muhammad PBUH) at the inaugural session of the two-day workshop.

On the occasion, Central Executive Committee (CEC) Member from Srinagar district Mohammad Iqbal Beigh presented Kashmiri poem titled “Nalaey Yateem—Orphan’s Jeremiad“, penned by Rafiq Tahir.

Central Executive Committee (CEC) Member from Kulgam district Abdul Majid Laway presented the vote of thanks while proceedings were conducted by senior volunteer Master Mohammad Amin Bhat.


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