JLLF Leaders Arrested Because they Protested Against VDC Terror: Amanullah Khan



Condemning the arrest of Yasin Malik and his associates, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) supremo Amanullah Khan on Wednesday demanded the immediate revocation of charges against the party chairman.

He said that rulers and their police cannot force Kashmiris to surrender through these “mean and unlawful tactics.”

Malik and several other leaders were sent on a 10-day judicial remand on Sunday after police slapped charges of “attempt to murder” and “waging war against the state” on them.

Khan said, “rulers in Kashmir are trying to punish JKLF leadership because they protested against growing terrorism of Indian civil defence force members of Village Defence Committee (VDC) in Jammu region and because JKLF stood firmly at the back of our Jammu brethren.”

“Even people praying on road during Friday prayers were not spared by the police and shells were lobbed at them but ironically on Sunday a case of waging war against state and attempt to murder has been slapped on our leadership,” he said.

Khan said that police and forces at the behest of “so-called rulers” especially from 2008 have killed hundreds of innocent by shells and bullets and it is them “who promote violence”.

The police, he said, are trying to prove themselves more loyal than the king in Kashmir.


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