JMF organized seminar at TRC Jammu

Srinagar: Jammu Muslim Front organized a seminar on the topic “Islam for Peace and Communal Harmony” at TRC Jammu. The seminar was attended by renowned scholars, Poets, social workers, Academicians & religious organizations. The programme started with recitation of Quran by Qari Tariq Qasmi, Spokesman said in a statement.
Sh. Mufti Anayatullah, Grand Mufti of Markazi Jamia Masjid Talab Khatikan Jammu, Ali Badshah Naqvi, Moulana Markazi Anjuma-e-Imamia Masjid PeerMitha Jammu, Mufti Tahir Sahab of Bathindi, Maulana Akram Deobandi, Maulana Abdul Rehman Ahley Hadees were star attraction.

He said that all the religious scholar threw light on the life of Prophet and stressed upon the Umah to forge unity among rank and file to defeat the nefarious design of western world to paint Islam negative. They stressed upon all section of Muslims to strictly follow the path of Prophet (PBUH) which advocates support for other religions.
“Islam strongly rejects Fanatism in any form. Prophet clearly distinguished fanatism from loyalty.”
“To love one’s people is not fanatism but to wreak cruelty on other people is. Prophet condemned those who facilitate such cruelty.”

At last vote of thanks was delivered by Sh. Shuja Zaffar, Chairman of Front, who said Islam is universally accepted by the great scholars, religious personalities and is a religion of peace and tolerance. He thanked distinguished Guests, Organizations, individuals and Office bearers of the Front to carry forward the message of Islam which is a religion of Peace.


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