KAN and Wadhwani Foundation Launch Acceleration Programme In JK


SRINAGAR: In a bid to boost the new start up’s and provide them with mentorship, KAN and Wadhwani Foundation have inked a pact to launch an acceleration program JK.

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The program will enable the new ventures with mentorship, and provide them access to networks and resources. The idea is to provide an opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors across the country.

The start-ups that had submitted applications to participate in the acceleration programme were given their first one-on-one screening today, for selection to the program.

More than 15 start-ups participated in the acceleration programme of the foundation on Thursday. The registration link for the participation has been kept open for one more week so as to enable participation more start up’s.

The programme seeks to provide early-stage companies with support through the provision of a structured programme that is both free of charge and enabled by the National Entrepreneurship Development through the Wadhwani Entrepreneurship Program.

The structured programme assists early-stage entrepreneurs by helping them establish a compelling value proposition, sustainable business model, financial stability, and verified Prototype.

To further boost the new ventures KAN is associating with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) to launch a new acceleration programme to support and foster the growth of innovative businesses. By this partnership, KAN is demonstrating its dedication to being a driver of advancement and innovation in J&K.

The Acceleration program, which is a joint initiative between KAN and NEN, will provide participating entrepreneurs and start-ups with access to a network of industry experts, opportunities for mentorship, and cutting-edge resources to assist them in scaling their operations and achieving their goals. Also, it will get them ready to be able to pitch to early-stage investors and other financing programmes.

The program is designed to help start-ups to overcome some of the common challenges they face, such as raising capital, building a strong team, and scaling their business.

This program is another example of the growing interest in supporting start up’s in JK, which has become a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years. With the support of programs like this, JK-based start- ups have the potential to make a significant impact on the economy as well.


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