Kashmir can’t survive as independent nation: Taj

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State Health Minister and senior Congress leader Taj Mohi-u-Din Thursday said that Kashmir can’t survive as an independent nation as it lacks self-sufficiency and resources.

Interacting with youth at a hotel in Srinagar, Taj Mohi-u-Din said that Kashmir is completely dependent on India and it not self-sufficient which could help it to survive as an independent nation. “Those separatist groups or people who seek independence from India must bear in mind that Kashmir is not self-sufficient and it survives on the funds provided by India. I have raised this issue repeatedly even with some of the Hurriyat leaders on different occasions and they had no answer to it,” he said.

Taj Mohi-u-Din said that for any independent nation it is necessary to be self-sufficient. “We need Rs 33,000 crores per year for our survival which comes from the Government of India while the total income that our State generates is only Rs 6,000 crores. For more than five lakh employees, we need Rs 18,000 crores to meet their salaries and all this money comes from New Delahi. We must understand that we are not self-sufficient and in case of ‘Azadi’ we have to lock all our hospitals, educational institutions and government offices,” he said.

Taj appealed the youth to be positive, realistic and future oriented. “Youth of Valley has opened their eyes in the shade of gun. Militancy has ruined our beautiful Valley and time has come we move towards peace and prosperity,” he said.


  1. Kashmir will survive i think taj knows not how many resources we have,we are not limited to one, count from ur home, we have water, agro,agri ,tourism, and other , let me remind him, for an individual state, the need is population ,area and resources which we all have. Regarding Pakistan we love them more like our family, for sure its taj who won’t survive in kashmir,if kashmir get Azadi.


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