Kashmir Civil Society Appreciates JCCI Stand on J&K’s Special Status



In a first, Kashmir Civil Society Tuesday welcomed the coming together of Kashmir and Jammu chambers.

Kashmir Civil Society for Developmental Studies (KCSDS), in a statement said, “we appreciate the stand taken by JCCI (Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries) viz-a-viz the attack on truckers and the efforts made by communal forces to get Article 35 A abrogated to dent holes in the state subject law and other associated laws which restrict the land owning rights and jobs to the permanent residents only.”

The statement said, “it is very encouraging  that the saner elements in Jammu have seen through the conspiracies  of communal fascist forces to weaken the state and dent its specific laws to change not only  its  demography but rob the people in general  of  their exclusive rights that accrue to them because of distinctive nature of our state.”

“KCSDS solicits the support and cooperation of Jammu civil society “to fight together” the onslaught of fascist forces that are hell-bent on destroying the fabric of peaceful co-existence and  state subject law and other associated rights  that are specific to our state because of its unique position,” the statement added.


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