Kashmir Communication Gag Impacts Punjab Examination Schedule


SRINAGAR: In a spillover of the continued denial of the proper internet connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir has led to the deferring of examinations for the nursing courses by Farikhot University, reports appearing in media said. Currently, 300 nursing students from Jammu and Kashmir are on strike in various Punjab areas for the last three days.

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The students who are pursuing various nursing courses in different colleges across Punjab has led to the deferring of the examinations by 45 days by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS), Chandigarh newspaper Tribune reported. The examination was slated to start from November 17.

The students had blocked traffic on the Faridkot-Sadiq road and staged a dharna in front of the BFUHS. After the new schedule was announced, they have ended the strike.

“Claiming their online study had been affected during the lockdown due to poor Internet connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir, the students claimed they were not in a position to take the exam,” the newspaper said. “They demanded general promotion on the lines of other degree colleges.”

The BFUHS authorities have said that they have decided to postpone the examinations to allow students enough time for preparation. The University takes care of almost 100 nursing colleges with cumulative ennoblement of around 30,000 students.

Kashmir witnessed the internet closure in wake of August 5, 2019 decision for many months. In fact, the cell phone services and the fixed lines phones were also shut down. It was in the fall of 2019 that the authorities in a phased manner permitted the 2G network but the sluggish internet did not help people. The situation got worse after the Covid-19 lockdown forced students to stay home and study online.


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