Kashmir Flooded: Health advisory issued for public


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The Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir, Epidemiology & Public Health Division issued Health Advisory for the General Public of flood affected areas.

Over the last 72 hours, heavy and prolonged rainfall in Kashmir has lead flooding and the communicable diseases can be reduced by adopting some measures.

The advisory stated that drinking water and water used for cooking, washing utensils, washing hands etc. should be made safe by boiling or chlorinating the water. The water should be brought to rolling boil (5 minutes) before consumption. The people should be aware of contamination of water. If the taste, colour and smell of water are suspicious, it is important to purify water by any means.

It further stated that any food that is in contact with flood water should be discarded, disposal of excreta should be done away from water sources, open air defecation should not be allowed, discard any object that may have absorbed flood water cannot be easily cleaned, wash your hands after direct contact with the flood water and wash your hands with soap and water before eating food and after using the toilet.


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