Kashmir Flooded: Kulgam village on the edge

KL Report


At the time when floods have created havoc across Jammu and Kashmir, a very disturbing news is coming from South Kashmir Kulgam district where a village namely Asthal is on the brink of getting washed off, thanks to administrative off guard measures.

Informing Kashmir Life over the phone, a resident Iqbal Ahmad of the village sounded shell-shocked over what he called “Mout Ka Kouya” or the death trap situation prevailing in his village right now.

“After flowing from far off areas two rivers meet in our village,” he said. “Both of them are overflowing which have already submerged 60 households in the village.”

Asthal which is 5km from the main Kulgam town houses 100 families. 60 families have already lost their residences to nature’s fury and have now shifted their base to the rest 40 unaffected but vulnerable households in the village.

“It is like a doomsday like situation here,” he said. “We are slowly watching our own end.”

Iqbal said that district administration made a “fake” promise to the villagers on Thursday by saying that chopper services will be resumed to rescue them.

“It is raining nonstop and the water level is rising very fast,” he said. “I think our end is very near!”

Sakina Itoo, social welfare minister while giving details about the government rescue measures told Kashmir Life that Air Force and other rescue team are approaching the village with “all the help”.  But till state’s men and machines will reach the village with rescue measures, Iqbal feared, the village might “cease to exist”.


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