Kashmir history filled with ‘gut wrenching stories of massacres’: Dukhtaran

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Aasiyeh Andrabi

Dukhtaran-e-Millat Friday said the history of Kashmir is filled with gut wrenching stories of ‘Massacres’.

In a statement issued here, the chairperson of DeM, Asiya Andrabi said, “The Sopore, Handwara, Kupwara, Gawkadal and other numerous massacres perpetuated by the Indian forces in Kashmir are the worst crimes ever committed against the Humanity. The Courts have delayed and ultimately denied Justice to the victims. The people at the helm and their stooges have given shelter to the barbarians by outrightly denying any involvement while the wounds are yet to be healed. The Kashmiris will never wake up from this inhumane nightmare, the screams and the cries of which are still heard in the Sky.”

Paying tributes to the “martyrs” of these massacres, Andrabi said that these “massacres” are the clear examples of atrocities, oppression, subjugation and denial of justice. “The sole aim of these massacres was to terrorise the innocent civilians of the subjugated nation.”

She said the massacres were repeated attempts of India and her “trigger happy” forces to crush the predominantly Muslim state’s bid of freedom from “Indian occupation”.

She said that despite passing of three decades the government enquiry into the massacres has yielded nothing. “The great sacrifice’s of the people since 1947 is a tragic reminder of the atrocious attitude of Indian brutal occupation towards Jammu Kashmir.”

“Since then the civilian population of Kashmir is bearing the brunt of brutal oppression and subjugation, repeatedly witnessing such massacres and mass murders at the hands of Indian forces for demanding their basic right self-determination,” she said.

“The cause for which tens and thousands of our children, our young and old, our men and women have offered the supreme sacrifice of their lives it is incumbent among each one of us to honour it by realizing the dream for which they were martyred,” she said.

“It is due to the sacrifices of these people that the Kashmir dispute is alive and is forcing the world to pay attention to it and pressurize New Delhi to resolve the dispute by giving people of Kashmir their right to self-determination so that bloodshed of Kashmiris is stopped and peace, and good will among people of the subcontinent restored,” Asiya said.

She reiterated that the mission of these “martyrs” will be carried forward despite odds and hardships.


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