Kashmir is a long pending dispute in UN: DeM


Welcoming the statement of UN Secretary General, DeM has said that there are existing UN resolutions for the implementation of Right to Self-Determination in the forum and that no other means can help in the resolution of the dispute, peacefully. “There is no other option than implementing UN resolutions for peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute,” DeM said in a statement.

Aasiyeh Andrabi
Dukhtaran-e-Milat Chief Asiya Andrabi (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

“Kashmir is a long pending dispute that has come into existence at the time of two nation theory. For in 1947 when India was divided and Pakistan came into existence, Kashmir had to become a part of Pakistan due to its muslim majority status, however, India never allowed it to happen. Later, a number of resolutions were passed in UN general Assembly, however, India didn’t even let those be implemented in the state of Jammu Kashmir,” said spokesperson.

The Seceretary General of DeM Nahida Nasreen according to statement said that “India and Pakistan do not need to find a new solution to the Kashmir problem because an acceptable and permanent solution to the problem lies in implementation of UN resolutions. United Nations needs to pressurize India for implementing UN resolutions in the state of Jammu Kashmir.”

She said that the nation of Kashmir has been appealing for the same form UN and world powers. “It is to suppress the same demand that thousands of Kashmiris have been butchered by India.”

Nasreen said that the United Nations should take serious steps to implement U N resolutions here without wasting time in searching for other options. “It is time to fulfill the promises committed to the people of Kashmir by late Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru and UN charter and implement UN resolutions so that people get a chance to decide their future.”

Paying rich tributes to the slain militants killed in Tral forests, she said that the best tribute to the slain is that we remain steadfast in our resolve to fight the oppression and stay united at political, social level and not get distracted. She said that the basis of Kashmir is two-nation theory and it is also a long pending dispute in UN. We should stay committed to the reasons that led to the creation of dispute in Kashmir.

She reiterated that if we will sideline the main cause of the dispute, it will harm our struggle and enemy will benefit.

“Our aim, our slogan and our flag should be one.”

She said that the armed leadership should immediately look within the ranks and determine where the rot lies.

She said the youth are the cream of our society and the loss of lives is a huge loss.



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