‘Kashmir is Being Discriminated in Each and Every Matter’



HAKIM-YASIN-.-(2)Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib, Hakim Yasin Saturday asked the government to stop its discriminatory approach towards Kashmir region and treat both regions of the state like one entity.

“Kashmir is being discriminated in each and every matter,” Yasin said. “The glaring example is the recent killing of Sikh youth in Jammu. We condemn the killing in strongest words as human life is precious. But the way government ordered enquiry into the killing, suspended policemen involved in the incident and paid the compensation to the victim’s family shows how the government treats Kashmir and Jammu differently.”

We don’t oppose paying Rs five lakh compensation to the victim family in Jammu, he said, “rather we demand more compensation and a government job to the victim family. But why discrimination with Kashmir? Why there is one law in Kashmir and another in Jammu when both are parts of one state. Why there are two governments and this regionalism.”

The PDF chief said let government pay the same amount of compensation and on a same analogy to those who have been killed in Kashmir during similar protests. He expressed his full sympathies with Sikh brethren and said it (killing) shouldn’t have happened.

He also asked the state government to clear stand on several issues as contradictory statements issued by the state and the central governments has created confusion.

“Neither J&K government nor PDP has reacted on any of the controversies so far which has created doubts in the minds of people. Let both state government and PDP come clear on these controversial issues,” the MLA Khansahib demanded.

Hakim Yasin added it seems that PDP-BJP government was only bothered about the interests of Jammu region and interests of Kashmiris have been totally neglected. “PDP government should come clear before the people of Kashmir and stop befooling them,” he added.

The PDF chief also demanded immediate compensation to the orchardists who suffered losses due to recent hailstorm and unseasonal rains in Kashmir valley. He said that people associated with the horticulture activities were already in a state of sorrow and distress this year as most of the apple crop was destroyed due to scab and now the rest has been damaged by the hailstorm.

“Crop Insurance scheme could be the only way out to help the growers in the event of natural calamities,” he suggested and reiterated its early implementation in the State.

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