by Aiman Khan

Breathless, yet managed to utter “Mauji” for one last time, for I was her home, & her lap was all I held dear

Envwarpped I used to be in my mother’s warmth & love

Today, my friends surrounding me are weeping out, “Nayeen, say “Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Muhammadur-Rasoolu-llaah” & let your tongue get drenched in the sweetness of benevolence of Allah”

Disguised I’m in my own tears & blood, while slaughtered like a beast, though like dove I intended to bring only peace

An accursed thing as stone, turned out to be the reason my mother would moan

But, in my homeland, how could’ve I let injustice bloom?

Dreams, Oh, those lofty dreams to join J&K Team, to be the Man Of The Match

Now, paralyzed to scream, “Boy! Catch”

Afsoos! I wished to admire the blessings scattered around the world; day has come that graveyard is going to be the abode of my unbloomed youth

Skin pierced, tattooed in wounds, yet I feel pain consuming my whole, though I’’ll remain one story untold, will leave taintless in my undefiled shroud

As I’m breathing my last, there are some things I ask of You, My Lord

Ya Allah! Hold my parents in your care, they surely aren’t worth of moment’s despair

As I’m buried, bury their ache

Ya Parwardigar-e- Alam, tell them you”ll shield me, tell them its Your Mercy that I”ll be safe.


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