Kashmir issue internationally accepted dispute, says Jama’at


Jama’a-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressed its deep anguish over the continuous bloodshed of Kashmiri people for the last twenty-nine years for demanding their sacred right to self-determination as promised to them by the government of India through the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The spokesman said people of entire Jammu and Kashmir as it existed at the time of Indo-Pak partition have the inherent right to decide their political future. All the three parties to this dispute should sit together and find a final solution to it amicably which may be acceptable to the people of Jammu and Kashmir being the core party.

Any other solution cannot bring stable peace and prosperity to the Indo-Pak sub-continent. Not only people of Kashmir are suffering but Crores of human beings residing in this sub-continent are also facing trouble due to the non-resolution of this long pending human issue. The people of Kashmir are facing worst ever atrocities at the hands of government forces and so far about lakhs of people got killed, thousands injured and hundreds of others disappeared in custody whose whereabouts are still unknown. Even womenfolk were molested and their chastity violated. Thousands were detained for supporting the just cause of the people of Kashmir and at present also hundreds of innocent Kashmiri youth along with leaders are languishing in different jails in Jammu and Kashmir and outside in deteriorating conditions, the Jama’at said.

Jama’a-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressing its deep anxiety have appealed the world community to take notice of this deteriorating situation and exert its influence over the government of India for resolving this human issue according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir.

Jama’at also pays tributes to all those who sacrificed their precious lives for the just cause of the Kashmiris and expresses its solidarity with the affected families who lost their near and dear ones for the rightful cause.


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