Kashmir Our Internal Matter, Outside Forces Need Not Interfere: Salman


KL Report


Asserting that Kashmir problem is an internal issue of India, external affairs minister Salman Khurshid on Friday said there is a mechanism within the country to address all issues and outside forces need not interfere in them.

“There is no need for any outsider to point fingers at us on what we have to do or if we have done something wrong. It is an issue within the family.

“We may have discussions and altercations within the family in our home and say that justice has not been done with us. But this is an internal issue and we have mechanism of discussions and talks through which we can comfortably solve every issue, and we will do that,” Khurshid said addressing at a function in Srinagar.

The external affairs minister said the Centre is aware of its responsibilities when it comes to people’s aspirations.

“We fully know and understand our responsibilities. The aspirations and expectations of our own people, our brothers and sisters, their dreams, we know how to respect them.

“Jammu and Kashmir is not the only place where there are problems. There are issues in every nook and corner of the country – there are issues of reservation, of opportunities to be given to those who are downtrodden, of unemployment, of women issues and their security, of expectations that our IT sector will rule the world and issues of health. There are issues, but there are solutions as well,” he said.

Kashmir will have to show way to the country and Kashmiris should reach out to the people, the Union minister said.

“Kashmir should reach out to other parts of the country. That way we can build bridges, so that we can say that we have one future, one dream and one goal and can move forward on that.

“I am of the view that if we take care of our situation, then Kashmir, which is the crown of India physically, will remain so intellectually, financially and socially and it’s our responsibility to protect that crown and we will do that,” Khurshid said.


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