SRINAGAR: Kashmir surpassed Switzerland as the most Googled destination globally in 2023, according to Google data. Kashmir ranked among the top 10 most searched destinations worldwide in 2023.

In the list of the most Googled destinations globally last year, Kashmir stood at number six, just after Thailand, which received more searches than the valley.

Switzerland remains a perennial favourite among travellers and enthusiasts worldwide.

This shift in online search behaviour underscores the curiosity of globetrotters to explore the valley of Kashmir, often likened to Switzerland.

In the rankings of the most Googled destinations of 2023, Vietnam took the top spot, followed by Goa in the second position.

Bali and Sri Lanka secured the third and fourth spots, respectively, in the list of the most Googled destinations worldwide in 2023. Thailand claimed the fifth rank, followed by the valley of Kashmir at the sixth position.

Coorg secured the seventh rank as the most Googled destination last year, followed by the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Italy and Switzerland claimed the ninth and 10th spots in the list of the most Googled destinations globally in 2023.

Tourism in Kashmir has experienced an uptick, with travellers increasingly drawn to the unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance that the region offers.

Given people’s unique interest in exploring Kashmir, the valley witnessed a significant increase in tourist flow last year. More than two crore tourists visited the valley this year, with the number of foreign arrivals also showing an uptick.

Travel agents claim that the revival of foreign tourism this year will further promote Kashmir globally.

“This year, we witnessed bulk numbers of foreign tourists visiting Kashmir from countries including Thailand, Europe, and the Gulf. Since winter mostly attracts tourists, we are hopeful to witness a further uptick in foreign arrivals in January, February, and March,” said Umar Ahmad, a travel agent. (KNO)


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