‘Kashmir – Scars of Pellets’ Released



Scars of Pellet

Stressing upon the UN and international Human rights organization including the Amnesty International and  ICRC  to use  their offices to immediately ban the use of pellet guns in Kashmir,  Hurriyat (m) Chairperson, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Saturday stated that it is the failure of the international community that while there is a  worldwide ban on the  use of the lethal pellet guns it stands completely violated in  the state of J&K where the forces use it indiscriminately against the unarmed civilians.

Asserting that the government’s claim that the pellet gun is a non-lethal weapon, Mirwaiz ridiculed the claim stating that scores of innocent people have been killed by it and hundreds have been critically injured and blinded by it.

On the occasion of the book release function of “Kashmir-Scars of Pellet guns”, compiled by Hurriyat (m) Human Rights cell head, Abdul Manaan Bukhari, Mirwaiz lauded the efforts of Bukhari and his team on compiling facts figures and other aspects related to the grave issue of use of pellet guns.

In his address Mirwaiz said, “black laws like AFSPA, PSA and such and use of brute force was continuously employed by the state to suppress the legitimate struggle of the people of Kashmiri and the use of  the internationally banned pellet guns, was a part of this strategy of suppression and  subjugation.”

Mirwaiz said, “it is sad and ironical that those people who in their so called election campaigns warned and scared people about the nefarious designs of the BJP and the RSS, joined hands with them in no time and became their collaborators for the sake of power and perks.”

He further said, “that the recent statement of RSS , the engine of BJP and now also the PDP, aptly exposes the strategies of the Hindu right wing organisation in relation to their Kashmir policy,” adding, “as such Kashmiris  need to  remain more vigilant and cautious and ready to face further hardships to resist their communal agenda.”

While speaking on the occasion, columnist Dr Javed Iqbal hailed Manan Bukhari for compiling and writing the book. He stated that the book highlights the human rights violations and brutal atrocities committed by forces in Kashmir against the common Kashmiris.


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