Kashmir Standing Over a Heap of Explosives, Geelani Says


geelani-pic-saveExpressing grief and sorrow over the grievous injuries to a 14 year old student who lost his right hand when an unexploded tear-gas shell blasted in his hand, Hurriyat (g) chairperson, Syed Ali Geelani Sunday said that due to the huge military presence, Kashmir is standing over the heap of explosives and here many people mostly children have lost their lives due to these types of accidental explosions and many have been rendered disabled for their entire life.

In a statement issued here, the octogenarian leader appealed the international child care organization (UNICEF) to fulfill its responsibilities in the protection of the innocent children in Kashmir and pressurize India to stop the use of deadly weapons in this “disputed territory”.

Geelani also criticized the state police for constantly using the “lethal weapons” against the “peaceful protestors” in the state. He said that people everywhere in the world come on roads to express their anger and dissatisfaction and register their protest but the law enforcing agencies nowhere use the lethal and deadly weapons against its own people.

“The people all over the world protest for their demands and the authorities had developed and invented many safe and effective ways to deal with these protests and every civilized and developed society use those methods,” he said.

Geelani said that the state of Kashmir is the only “police state” in the world where the violation of the human rights and killing of innocent people by the government forces is not any big thing and where the armed forces have no accountability.

“The imposition of black and inhuman laws is giving them a license to kill, rape and implicate innocent people into false and fabricated cases,” he said.

Geelani said that the amputation of a hand of the little boy has personally hurt me and I equally share the grief of the parents of the injured child.

Demanding complete ban over the use of deadly weapons against the common people, the octogenarian leader said that until the world community will not take strong notice of this serious issue, these unfortunate incidents will continue to occur in Kashmir and the lives of the innocent children will continue to suffer.


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