Gripped in the fear of the tinkering with the Article 35(A) of the Constitution of India, gradually Kashmir has started responding to the Kerala floods. In state’s 11 districts, the floods have wrecked havoc and killed more than 357 people, so far.

Omar Abdullah

The response started with the former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah using Twitter to take attention of the state towards the catastrophe that has unfolded in Kerala. “I will be donating my salary for this month to the relief efforts in #Kerala,” Omar wrote on the twitter. “I also appeal to my colleagues in @JKNC_ & others in J&K to remember what we went through in 2014 & do their own bit, however small, to help. From “Heaven on earth” to “God’s own country”.”

In his second tweet, he addressed the governor N N Vohra to chip in. Vohra is right now the chief executive of the Jammu and Kashmir state. “Jenab Vohra Sahib, a number of states & organisations came to the assistance of J&K in 2014 & that help was invaluable,” Omar reminded Vohra. Omar was the Chief Minister when Kashmir was devastated by the floods, at the fag end of his six-year term. “Can I request you to officially announce some assistance from J&K for #Kerala at their time of need. @jandkgovernor.”

Dr Haseeb A Drabu

The only other politician who has taken a pro-active stand on the Kerala floods was Dr Haseeb Drabu, who was sacked by Mehbooba Mufti as her finance minister. “This Eid ul Zuha the obligatory zakat, Qurbani and associated celebratory expenditures will be contributed to #KeralaFloodRelief. Also my this month’s earnings,” Drabu wrote on Twitter. “Appeal to all fellow Kashmiris: Last Eid ul Zuha Rs 455 crores were withdrawn from J&K Bank ATMs in the valley. This Eid withdraw only half. Send the other half to #KeralaReliefFund. We have gone through this in 2014. We should understand the need and appreciate the help we got.”

It was followed u by Vohra, Kashmir’s chief executive. Vohra, according to an official spokesman, has conveyed to Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala, the sorrow and sincere sympathy of the people and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir over the tragic loss of hundreds of innocent lives and the enormous damage to public and private properties on account of the worst flood crisis which Kerala has faced in the past several decades.

The Governor has also conveyed to Chief Minister Kerala the decision of the J&K Government to provide assistance of Rs 2 crore for supporting the flood relief efforts underway in Kerala.

Governor N N Vohra

Governor Vohra and Members of his State Administrative Council have condoled the tragic death of several hundred persons who lost their lives in the flood fury and conveyed their sympathy for the lakhs of families who have been rendered homeless in Kerala.

Vohra has also announced that suitable arrangements are being urgently put in place for the public of Jammu and Kashmir to contribute to the Kerala Flood Relief Fund. Information regarding the address at which individual contributions can be sent will be announced tomorrow.

IAS topper Shah Faesal who is currently studying abroad put on his wall: ” People of Kerala have done a lot for us during September 2014 floods. It is now our turn to help our brothers and sisters in distress.”

Dr Shah Faesal

Kashmir has witnessed a disastrous flood in 2014. While they understand the crisis, they are surprised over a campaign on the social media that Hindu right is asking people to avoid supporting Kerala. Telegraph and various other media organisations ran a special report on this trend. In a report in Telegraph by K M Rakesh, it has quoted this tweet. “Don’t donate any money as it will not be used for relief work. It will be used against our country by these Leftists by giving it to Naxals and JNU Tukde Tukde gang,” wrote Dhananjay Upadhyay, whose Facebook page describes him as a trainer with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation. “Find some other way to help Keralites, not by donating to @CMOKerala.”

The newspaper quoted a Keralite Sankaran Nair for using the social media to tell his truth: “I am sorry for telling the truth. Introspection is necessary. Natural calamities affected on the Christians and Muslims dominated districts in Kerala,” Nair wrote. “All these groups are doing more harm to nature and to the living beings for their selfish motives. The same groups are doing foul play with Lord Ayyappa also.” Nair signed off saying: “Stupid Keralites deserve such calamities or not?!”

Collected clothes, a photograph NCs Nasir Sogami put on his twitter.

These people are the same trolls who were trying to locate Hurriyat leaders when Kashmir was inundated. They exist at all levels. Last time when T John, the civil aviation minister of Karnataka, was forced to put in his papers when he linked the 2001 Gujarat earthquake as “God’s punishment for the atrocities committed against Christians in Gujarat”.

Kerala is a Hindu majority state having 54.73 percent Hindus followed by 26.56 percent Muslims, and 18.38 Christians. Hindus constitute the majority in all districts except Malappuram, where Muslims are a majority.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already announced Rs 500 crore relief to the state. He had flown over the inundated part of the state. This is in addition to Rs 100 crore relief announced by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Human losses are apart, the losses are pegged at Rs 18,000 crore.


  1. Kashmiris were helped by all Indians beyond caste, creed and religion. Army did an exemplary role in J and K. The miseries of Kerala people are innumerable and we as Indians shall help without anyone asking to do some help. My heart goes out to thank Omar Abdullah who like a gentleman and a kindhearted person has appealed Kashmiri people, who are yet to respond. While J and K was flooded even RSS had done their bit. Mr. Abdullah, it is sad that you are required mootivate your people while whole nation is self motivated


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