SRINAGAR: Breaking new ground in Jammu and Kashmir’s entrepreneurial landscape, the Kashmir Angel Network (KAN) has announced the successful facilitation of seed funding for Wildfloc Adventures through a partnership with IIT Ropar. This undisclosed investment, a result of collaboration with the Wadhwani Foundation, signifies a significant leap forward not only for Wildfloc Adventures but also for the burgeoning startup ecosystem in the Kashmir region.


Wildfloc Adventures, nurtured within KAN’s network, has journeyed through an intensive entrepreneurship training programme, showcasing its immense potential. This startup, led by Hummayoun Dhar and Faseeh Khan, former corporate professionals turned adventure enthusiasts, has caught the attention of prestigious institutions like IIT Ropar with its innovative approach to offbeat trekking and camping adventures.

The infusion of capital from IIT Ropar marks a crucial milestone for Wildfloc Adventures, aligning with its mission to revolutionise adventure travel. Dhar and Khan emphasise their commitment to making adventure travel more accessible and personalised, guided by the mantra of ‘Think big, start small.’

With this funding boost, Wildfloc Adventures plans to ramp up its marketing efforts and enhance its technological infrastructure, including the development of an AI model to streamline travellers’ access to local services. Additionally, the investment will fuel team expansion, enabling the company to scale its operations and enrich its offerings.

The founders express gratitude to KAN for providing a platform and industry connections, emphasising the network’s pivotal role in nurturing Kashmir’s startup culture. KAN’s tireless efforts in fostering a conducive environment for startups, including strategic mentorship and access to capital, have been instrumental in Wildfloc Adventures’ success.


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