Kashmiri Teen Wins Award For Directing Short Film ‘Kayam’

SRINAGAR: Sabahat Qayoom, a Class 10 student from the Parewa village of Budgam in Central Kashmir, won an award for directing the short film ‘Kayam’ in New Delhi. However, due to her Board exams, her uncle accepted the award on her behalf, as confirmed by one of the organizers who spoke to the news agency KNT over the phone from New Delhi.

Sabahat Qayoom along with Creative Director Anil Kumar Singh directed ‘Kayaam’ which is a 6-minute short film. It was today in Hindi language with English subtitles under the aegis of the 18th International Film and Photography Festival, ‘PRISM’ by JIMS, Delhi at IIMC Auditorium, New Delhi.

This film shows the story of ‘children of God’ who have found not just a home away from home, but also success in life.

Set in the Budgam district of Central Kashmir, the film showcases the success stories of two girls who are fighting all the odds of being orphans. This film also features the patron of the place who speaks of the genesis, struggles, and success stories of the orphanage.

The film was shot in a single day with one camera setup and edited in one day.


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