Kashmiris Aren’t Even Considered as Humans, Nayeem Khan Says



National Front chairman and Hurriyat leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Wednesday strongly condemned the “ransacking” of residential houses and “beating” of inmates in Narbal during nocturnal police raids.

He said that the men in uniform have been given a free hand to do all sorts of “human rights violations in Kashmir”.

“Kashmiri people are not even considered as humans,” he said. “Such attitude of the men in uniform will surely have negative results.” Khan said New Delhi by the cooperation of its local “collaborators” is hell bent to suppress the voices of Kashmiris who demand for their political rights. “India is using all sorts of tactics to curb and contain the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people however it is not possible unless and until the struggling people are given their right to self determination.”

He praised the people for observing complete shutdown against the barbaric killing of three youth in Pattan. “Kashmiri people will not allow India and its local collaborators to go ahead with killings and other sorts of atrocities,” he said.

Strongly condemning the “police atrocities” in every nook and corner, Khan said that the men in uniform are trying to be “more loyal than the king”. He appealed people to remain “resisting against occupied forces” and their “agents so that world becomes aware about the ground realities of Kashmir”.


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