If Kashmiris are ‘Islamic militants’, why not call Maoists ‘Hindu militants’, asks Rasheed

Srinagar: Reacting to the Maoist attack in Chattisgrah that killed eleven CRPF personnel, incumbent Langate lawmaker, Er Rasheed on Saturday said that the incident has yet again proven that it doesn’t need to be a Muslim or Hindu to take up arms.

The press statement of Rasheed said, “Today’s incident has proved that affiliating armed movement with any religion is wrong and it is the grave injustices within and between states that has given birth to armed insurgencies in different parts of world. May those labeling ongoing resistance movement in J&K as Islamization and Wahabisation, answer what name could be given to the Naxallite movement who despite being preachers of leftist ideology are having origin of Hindu religion.”

Rasheed added that it doesn’t need to be a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Sikh to fight the injustices, even using the ways we may not like.

Er Raheed

“Those Indians who celebrated Donald Trump’s victory, claiming him to be India’s closest friend need to answer what name could be given to Trump’s racist followers who killed Indians in USA.”

Rasheed added that the incident has exposed many “think tanks” and political experts who leave no opportunity to abuse Muslims by arguing as if the Muslims are the only ones having taken up arms.

He said, “May these pseudo intellectuals explain if Pakistan is sponsoring the armed struggle in Kashmir, where from do the Naxals get huge weapons and carryout terrible attacks in broad day light. Let those forces who are communalising every incident in Kashmir answer that why is New Delhi not imposing AFSPA in Naxal hit areas and why doesn’t it dare to impose draconian laws likes PSA there. These narrow minded policy makers often see J&K through communal prism and thus are responsible for the radicalisation of Kashmiri youth”.


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